Beginner's Growing Guide: Indoor Cannabis Growing

Although growing cannabis indoors has brought some difficulties to novice growers, there are still many people who are willing to challenge. There is a lot of wrong information about how to grow cannabis indoors, and we need to avoid receiving the wrong information.



Reviews on 2 best seller 600W led grow lights

Are you ready to be planted? Today, most growers choose the best LED grow lights.



Grow light vs sunlight: which one is better for plants

The biggest challenge of indoor planting is to provide suitable light, because water, carbon dioxide, and light are necessary conditions for photosynthesis of plants. Without enough light, your plants will not be able to produce the nutrients needed for growth.



What’s the difference between Samsung LM301B and LM301H

Should I buy Samsung LM301B? This article answers your doubts. Samsung LM301B and LM301H. what is the difference? What is the best practical TTL lamp? Samsung’s first innovation has introduced a new flip-chip technology that uses white LEDs and medium power to increase the efficiency of the chip. In this article, we will explain Samsung LM301B and LM301H to you. what is the difference?



LED and HPS plant growth lights-how do you choose?

The debate about which is better between LED and HPS plant growth lamps has been fierce. For decades, indoor planting has been using traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. After the emergence of new technologies, growers are not enthusiastic about new technologies, especially considering When it comes to the price between HPS and LED grow lights.



The U.S. medical marijuana market presents a $33 billion opportunity for GCAC

Market Research Future, a market research company, recently released a report that may be enough to dispel the concerns of investors who have doubts about the growth potential of the US medical marijuana market. The report predicts that the global medical marijuana market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.4%, reaching more than $33 billion by 2027.