What Does IP Rating Mean for LED Grow Light?

Since all growing facilities expose equipment to water and dust, it is important for growers to understand what their electrical equipment’s rating means for their facility and growing style. Just as you would choose your waterproof boots over your delicate suede shoes to wear for work in the greenhouse, you want to choose greenhouse equipment that is designed to perform reliably in dusty, damp conditions over equipment that isn’t.



How Lighting Affects Marijuana Yield?

Lighting has a significant effect on marijuana yield, but optimizing yield involves far more than just exposing cannabis plants to constant, bright light. Like all plants, cannabis benefits from cycles of light and dark light. Moreover, marijuana yields can be increased by controlling the relative intensity of different wavelengths of light at different phases of the cannabis plant’s growing cycle.Lite Sciencehas developed a new line of LED grow lights to give cannabis cultivation facilities the best and most effective control over the lighting conditions of their crops.