Notice | About Change of Company LOGO

  litescience          2021-10-07

Dear customers and partners:

Thank you very much for your continued support to Lite Science.
In order to further enhance the company's image, shape the industry brand, enhance brand recognition and communication, and improve brand influence and competitiveness, our company has decided to redesign and position the original logo, and the new logo will be officially used from now on.

The logo upgrade status is as follows:


                                                                                       Original Logo                                                                       New Logo

The new logo consists of a light source, 10 light beams and the English characters "Lite Science" with unique visual enhancement. Its design is inspired by the image display of the light distribution of natural light sources (sunlight, polar light etc) and artificial light sources (LED light HPS lamp etc), and “Lite” and “Light” have the same pronunciation.

In terms of color, white and green are used in combination. White represents the color of light, and green represents environmental protection.

The new version of our logo implies that our company is radiant and energetic and facing the world like a radiant light.

Please understand any inconvenience caused by the Logo change, and we will be very grateful!

Shenzhen Lite Science Electronics Co.,Ltd.